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Default On Target Indoor Range Rifle Permit Rules

Effective immediately, all high power rifle shooter have to abide by following rules when shooting at On-Target Indoor Range:

1. All Firearms (including Rifles) are to be uncased and cased at the shooting station.

2. No Firearms including Rifles are to be brought into the sales floor without being in a case and unloaded with breach locked open.

3. Rifle as well as all firearms are to be pointed down range at all times, even when being cased and uncased.

4. The rifle card is exclusive to the holder and cannot be shared with others. If another person handles your rifle that is cause for suspension of your rifle card.

5. There is no double tapping or rapid fire allowed, maximum ONE SHOOT per second.

6. The target is to be set no closer than the second white line (15 yards), NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. Range damage (Hangers, Cords, Cables, Station Roof Walls or Partitions) will result in a damage fee to you of $50 or more and the suspension of your rifle card.

8. If you lose your rifle card you will need to re-take the class at your expense, NO EXCEPTIONS.

9. You must have your rifle card with you to use a rifle lane.

10. Rifle lanes are 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. Lane 20 is a single hanger and may not be switched to a double hanger.

11. Rifle lanes can be reserved by members, non-members are first come first serve

12. Any and all On-Target range ROS / employees have the authority to terminate a shoot or rifle card at any time for other reasons not stated in the rules sheet.
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