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Oh, you can have a folding stock.
Just need a bullet button to be in compliance with SB23, and needs to be >30" long in it's shortest configuration in which it can be fired per CA's understanding of Federal law.

For instance:
This Tantal with Aimsmall's extended brake is 30 1/4" long when folded, and is equipped with a bullet button making it a fixed magazine rifle.
CA Legal

You can also fix a folder in the open position to meet the >30" OAL requirement like this Yugo

For comfort though I prefer the solid stock.
Between available solid stocks there are 2 basic lengths.
Warsaw, and NATO.
The NATO being slightly longer.
I am just shy of 6' tall but still prefer the shorter Warsaw length stocks.
I have tried the NATO length and found it more difficult to keep on target in a standing position due to the weight of the rifle being further from my body.
Suggest trying both to see which you like.

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