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Originally Posted by me109g4 View Post
how about putting it in the oven for a bit?? heat it up and wipe it down,, repeat.
The wife was frowning on that. I think she was afraid of some 50 year old funk getting into her oven and making all the food taste like old gun. So I went the route of wrapping the stock in paper towels and a black trash bag and left it in the car to sweat today.

Originally Posted by Caststeel View Post
Mineral spirits will help a lot. Strip the rifle then work on mostly bare wood. TSP soap and water with scrub brush. Tru Oil when dry.
I like the mineral spirits idea. I hadn't thought of TSP. That's not gonna be too harsh for this is it? I picked up some raw linseed oil from garand gear dot com to do the finishing work. Is the Tru Oil similar or is it boiled or refined?

Thanks for any guidance, it's been a few years sense I took wood shop, and I don't want to muck up a 50 year old stock.
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