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Originally Posted by CindyASK View Post
I appreciated the range discipline, but bemoaned the long delay of 'range cold' for target dismantling by the early birds. It meant we lost so much light (:45 for target changes?) that I couldn't see the gong any longer.

So I tried to be a good citizen while waiting and did some range cleaning. I had no tools, no trash bags, and fully dirted my NRA gear bag.... It seems the earlier departures didn't do such a good job of picking up. And I really haven't a need for all the 223 brass. 'Cleanup brass' photo after cleaning our guns last night. Then- finally - shooter cleanup! Hah-hah.

Guess I'll have to come next year to watch the 'show'.
My photos attached..... thanks Cal Guns.
Thanks for your patience. We had people walking out about the time we were calling for a hot range messing up the program. It got so bad that towards the end I had to fire off a shot to let people know the range was hot (nothing like seeing people walking down when you are about to fire off a round on a hot range). We need to let people know when the range goes cold, you need to get downrange and take care of business or wait for the next cease fire.
With all this "gun control" talk, I've not heard one politician say how they plan on taking guns from criminals, just law abiding Citizens.

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5 guys, hot damn thats some good eat'n.
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damn, i duped my own thread...first time i did a poll
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