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Here's what I think about this whole situation:

Being in the middle of catching up from a 100 point difference =/= winning. We're catching up amazingly fast, but that's not the same as winning. If our momentum continues at it's current pace, after a decade or two, THEN I'll say that we're winning.

Gun owners lost a lot on the 1934 NFA act. We also lost massively on the 1968 GCA. We lost our right to make and buy new machine guns in 1986. On a Federal level we lost the right to own AWs in 1994, albeit temporarily. Now in California we have a permanent AWB and mag restrictions along with a safe handgun roster and a carry ban in the works. Throw in gun free school zones, anti gun news reports 24/7, and public schools indoctrinating everyone against guns, and the score is like 100 to 1. The race for presidency is between two evils, and the lesser one doesn't know how to open his mouth without offending someone half the time.

We won Heller, but it was as narrow as it was powerful:All the court explicitly reaffirmed was that all eligible people have the right to posses one loaded, unlocked handgun in the home for traditionally lawful purposes such as self defense without needing to be in a militia. Although they say "in common use", the courts have yet to define that. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

There was Mc Donald, which was a solid victory.

The FOPA had some really good stuff in it, aside from the MG ban.

Lots of CC laws are being passed around the country.

Most of America is OK with people owning guns, even with spree killings going on.

We found workarounds and loopholes to take the bite out of some bad laws. Not quite a victory, but we're cutting our losses I guess.

We still have far to go. Until people can accept that the 2A was about fighting tyranny and invading armies with the military-grade weapons you had at home, we're not getting most of our rights back.
That guy was wronged. But he's not really in a position to do much about it. The Law has the upper hand in the court of public opinion. Now, if it was an equally valuable piece of jewelry or something, public outcry would be all over the place.

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