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Originally Posted by greg36f View Post
I cannot argue this on a constitutional level. You will win and you are right. I am simply saying (possibly playing devils advocate and possibly because the question should be asked) that at what point do we say that someone did something so stupid, so ignorant, so irresponsible that we say enough is enough….I mean he had a loaded magazine in his pocket at a party where stuff gets out of control and people drink.

My earlier analogy was weak, but it kind of applies a little……If you have a green light and you see a speeding bus coming, would you pull out in just because you had “the right of way”….?

I am just asking, are there any limits to our support, because I think this one may be getting close to that edge,,,,
You are looking to limit the rights of the wrong person. If the police are to
control someone for public safety, it should be the bus IE the out of control
party people. If the gun holder was drunk or high, threatening etc. he too
should be dealt with, but it sounds not to be the case.
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