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Originally Posted by stilly View Post
....That is great, but they are also what about $63 EACH? Yeah, Lee makes it tough to buy other dies when they price theirs so low. I had already bought an FCD for the 44mag and the 9mm. I will proceed with caution.

Lee dies work fine, I am just not a big fan of the FCD for handgun. I prefer Dillon, but they cost 50% more, for some people that is too much, I totally understand.

Anyways, good stuff to know. I heard that some folks opened up that carbide ring or removed it altogether and just use the die to crimp, but how would that be any different then a regular crimp from their lee bullet seating die? Heh...

If you remove the carbide sizing ring from your FCD, the collar that does the crimp will just fall out. The ring holds the adjustable collar that is the crimper. Reaming it out would probably result in a dull reamer.
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