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Originally Posted by ExtremeX View Post
Can someone clarify some information about a true 18" SPR barrel.

What is the barrel profile? Standard, Heavy, or does SPR have its own profile?

Is the gas system rifle length or midlength?
The barrel has its own profile and is generally rifle length gas as far as I can tell, although it seems a lot people choose to go with midlength gas. I didn't do a lot of research when looking for a barrel. I'd had my eye on the Shilen/Rainier Ultramatch for a while and snapped it up once they had it in stock. The thing is uncanny accurate when shooting 75 grain Hornady match reloads. I was on the short range at Pala with it yesterday and taking headshots on bowling pin plates at 200. The only misses were due to me sucking.
I was initially going to try and save some money and just get the WOA barrel, but the guys at Rainier flat out told me that the Shilen was hands down the better barrel. I don't regret it at all. Awesome, awesome barrel.
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