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Originally Posted by 2Aallday View Post
A light, particularly for EDC, should be as closely wrapped around the Battery as possible. Thin wall. Short length. You do not need to light up a stop sign half a mile away. You do not need a baton. That is idiotic. You want lots of light (and the ability to make not-lots of light). You want pocketable.

4Sevens does packaging well. Mini Mk II is a good light.

AA/14500 vs RCR123 is a reasonable debate to have. I prefer 123.

Edit: never understood the Fenix love. Everything they make is stupid big.
I have various 4Sevens lights as well, but what you described is precisely what my Fenix light is... All my Fenix lights actually, like the LD10, PD31, PD30...

Fenix PD31 - Thin walled, straight body, very pocketable, and really no bigger than it needs to be to accommodate an 18650. 4+ days of continuous use on Low. Perfect camping and survival bag light. EDC friendly.

And while I still have smaller, single RCR123, 14500, its still one of my favorite lights.

I do agree with the tac-head and heavy bezzled lights. I hate that stuff because it isn't pocket friendly.

Its not a Fenix problem, its the Lumens race and tactical light market problem.

Next to a 4Sevens Quark AA

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