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Originally Posted by C&Rtrader View Post

Anyone on here have connections to "deep pockets" be them private or corporate that you could share with Kris? Seems like that would be helpful. If Kris raised 70K in small private donations it seems that some large pro 2A group or manufacturer would want to cash in on all that goodwill.

I donated first round, will likely do so again. Curious? do my donations get combined or am I going to end up with 2 t shirts, DVDs or whatever it was? I don't need the stuff I am only asking to help keep your costs down.
The rewards are separate for each campaign - to combined them would create a hugh CF. I will tell you the t-shirts for this campaign will be updated to reflect the updated look of the "line in the sand".

"No Reward" selection with your donation helps us the most.

Thanks for the call for assistance.

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