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Originally Posted by Matt P View Post
Being an instructor I always encourage getting some training.
Reality is most simply do not know what they do not know. So hard to grasp the value of formal instruction unless you have had some and it helped you.

You can certainly learn on your own. Good formal instruction will help you identify either unsafe handling or fundamental shooting issues.

Like many here I too went through an evolution of instruction.

I consistently encourage instruction from persons well grounded with competition based backgrounds.

Always be a student. Always seek out a better way to self improvement.

Congratulations, you are solidly on the path now. Just by asking questions. Most firearm owners already think they know enough.
Thanks for the encouragement Matt. I'm the obsessive type, so my wife has labeled me. Everything I do, I strive to do it from a place of knowledge and skill. I don't ever do anything halfcocked or half assed.

I've already taken a basic handgun course. That was before I bought my 1st pistol. Since then, I have continued my training by purchasing a few books and hitting the range twice a week.

I don't do mag dumps at the range. I try to use my time at the range methodically. I work on different fundamentals each time. I also do dry fire drills almost daily. I follow Stoegers dry fire book for that.

I plan on taking an advanced handgun course next month as I need more direction on how to take my training to the next level. Have some travel for the next few weeks or i would do it sooner.

Until then, I am going to work on the Sri torture drill you suggested.

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