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Default AAR: Part 4 -- Carbine & Pistol plus barricades

Training Day 3: Carbine 2 (short 7 hour day)

We started the final day with running the Thunderdome drill with pistol only and without the final steel for time but you must get your 10 points per target. This drill sure pushed me into a new speed range while still getting acceptable hits. First time I ran it I got all A-zone hits and worse than that tight groups. So, I pushed myself and still got good A & C zone hits. You start with 7 rounds in pistol so you’ll have one reload. Moving in a straight line makes you more efficient as does taking all shots on the move.

We had some 2-man drills where we were stacked up at a simulated door. Second man has muzzle pointing straight down. Whichever side the front man takes you take the opposite. Each side has three targets but all shots are taken while moving and in a zipper fashion, that is, shots make a vertical line on the target. Direction of travel is 45 degrees from the doorway. Check your hits.

We then had moving in a structure alone. You do kind of like a dynamic pie with at times quick glances in both directions finding and engaging targets behind barrels, etc. We did this with carbine and then just pistol. More like an active shooter scenario.

After lunch we moved further up to engage steel at 95 yards and much smaller steel at 125 yards using barricades as support for a more stable shooting platform. Standing, kneeling and Brokeback ultra low prone. There were many iterations. Practice on your own the various positions and then like previously a lot of man on man.
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