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Originally Posted by savannah View Post
I am sending out two large bulk rate packages today. Hope it gets to you quickly. Lots of hand warmers, Starbucks instant coffee, jerky, gun magazine and car mag, baby wipes, foot powder, fabreeze, Tylenol, tuna, mayo, lip balm, lotion, body wash, deodorant,cookies, snacks, head lamp, eye wash and bug repellant. Stopping to find sunflower seeds and a few other things on the way to the PO. Good luck, Sgt Ramos. Our hearts are with you.
Hey savannah i just want to thank you for the packages you sent. My Marines where supper excited about the warmers since its still very cold and when we are doing missions we sleep in the cold. The starbucks coffee i kept LOL i like coffee and i had a coffee cup sent out so i drink it every morning i can. Everything else was distributed amongst the Marines and they where all very thankful. Well i just wanted to say thank you for everything and let you know know we all appreciate the packages. Gotta go now thanks for all you're support.
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