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<~Democrat.....also an NRA member... let me at this person!!! lol I will pretend I didn't see the other negative comments about "liberals" blah, blah... but seriously, I can't stand it when people cry about guns killing people... more cars kill people than guns... sorry I do not plan on walking anywhere anytime soon, nor giving up my right to own many guns... Its just that in our gun community there is so much finger pointing from folks from different political parties it makes gun owners look like a bunch of foaming at the mouth angry folks... and lets face it, some are... but thats not the guns fault, nor am I saying these angry people are senseless killers etc... they have hearts and brains (even if some can't find them) they have families, loved ones etc... just because we see things differently on some things don't make it bad... I love to educate scary people about guns.. some you just can't win over regardless of whats said... some peoples upbringing and fears is just to much for them to put on big boy pants and overcome these silly misconceptions... but not everyone can do that. I can accept that... as for me, my kids know all about guns, all about gun safety and all about the reasons why its important to own guns... And all my boys are under the age of 10...
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