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Originally Posted by Rico911 View Post
It looks like my Dept is going to start issuing the M&P 9MM in exchange for the old 92FS after 22 years. It's going to take about 2 years to convert evryone (about 9000 of us). The cool thing is its going to be issued with a Surefire X300 and pressure switch. The bad thing is a lot of co-workers bought their own M&P's recently and I just bought a Sig P226 9MM.

My Dept authorized the USP 45, Ruger P90, S&W 4506/4566, Sig P220 45, P226, P228, and P229 9mms for alternative carry. Used to carry the USP 45, now the P226 9mm for weight and capacity reasons.

Question - Is the 226 a better gun than the M&P?
After 20 years of this job, I definitely concur that the best gun for you is the one you shoot best. Personally, if you love the P226, stick with it. The down side, is that if you're in a shooting, you will be without it for a bit...

I tried the M&P's, but couldn't warm to the trigger. I hear they do break in and smooth out, as the .45 version I borrowed a bit ago showed.
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