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I think I will vote for Jerry. He seems to make sense to me, from what I have seen, and as AG he has been very accessible.

As far as the financial situation in California, I think that has a lot to do with out constitutional right to initiative.

We have gone and created propositions, that seem to make sense taken individually (in some cases), but aggregated have had a paralyzing effect on our economy.

There are so many mandates on what can be spent and where, when we need to re-allocate spending we are at a loss. This coupled with a completely ineffective legislature has given us a huge problem, that I doubt anyone will be able to fix.

I mean, come on, we have the 7th or 8th (have not checked in a while) largest economy in the world. We should be able to handle this.

Now, I will go off topic a bit. California has some of the best marijuana in the world. I mean top notch stuff. As I recall it is also the largest (monetarily) crop in California, yet we do not get a dime from this. Instead we insist on locking up people for growing it and pay for their costly incarceration.

Pure lunacy.

I also agree that we should not be in the business of marriage. The state should facilitate the legal (contractual) aspects of a union (or whatever you want to call it), and then if you want to be "married" go to your church. If your church wants to marry you, then they will, if not, then find another church.
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