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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Which says a lot about you and knowledge of history

Bull Connors was the redneck sheriff that beat and turned water hoses on civil rights protesters in the South. He didn't like "different" people having rights either.

It's not my lifestyle. Happily hetero, just not someone that wants to deprive others of rights to gov't privilegles or immunities. Individuals of a same-sex pair cannot get the same rights as a same-sex married pair - including visits to hosptials, favorable tax breaks, inheritance matters, etc.

Yes, if the gov't wants to get out of the marriage business they can/should - call everything between any two parties a 'civil union' and let the church marry.
Ding, ding, ding!!!!!!! Winner!!! And that is why I voted for Prop 8. (and others should keep in mind that not ALL voters in support of Prop 8 are bigots, homo-phobic, or whatever pigeon hole name/group that is commonly associated with anti-gay "marriage" issues). My vote was symbolic on getting the government out of a religious practice and let the aseembly get it right. Change the name of the "union" from "marriage", and give them all the same rights. Let the churches sort out how they want to do the rest. Hard to call yourself even remotely a Libertarian if you are letting the government dictate the terms of a religious practice.

That all said, I am most likely to vote for the first time in my life for a Democrat for Governor. Ronnie Reagan would be proud.
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