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In my opinion as someone old enough to remember Governor Moonbeam I expect that he will be indistinguishable from Arnold Schwarzenegger on gun rights. I expect him to take a position that outright bans on revolvers and hunting rifles is unconstitutional, but that bans on carry of any kind, and bans on "assault" weapons, and tight regulation of ammo are just fine.

I also fully expect him to manage to be be an even bigger economic disaster for the state than Arnold has been. I fully expect that he will roll over for public employees unions and do his level best to run all manufacturing and land development out of California. And you can forget any transportation improvements. He banned transportation and infrastructure improvements the last time he was governor. In other words 4-8 years of ever higher unemployment and energy prices in the name of Gaia. This is a religion for him.

Quite frankly I couldn't care less if he supports gay marriage, plural marriages, or marriages to goats. I'm all for letting anyone that wants to be miserable for the rest of their lives be as miserable as they want. But the economic damage that this nut case is going to bring about scares the heck out of me. I may just write in a name in 2010.
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