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Originally Posted by nothinghere2c View Post
years ago, cops would have made contact, told the kids to quit being stupid, and driven them back home to be disciplined by dad.

these days, cops will show up weapons drawn (can't blame them with the loons these days), someone may get shot, someone may not. either way the kids will end up with a criminal record, and perpetuate the cycle of criminal behavior.

i'm not sure which decision is worse...
I'm thinking along these same lines too...a few years back I get a call at around 2:00 am from the Sheriffs son and some of his friends are being detained near Malibu Lagoon...when I get there, the officer informs me that my son and his buddies were shooting paint ball guns and someone called in a "persons with guns" call...knowing the stupid things kids do nowadays, that in itself could've went bad really easy

I hate thinking the call I could have gotten was to inform me that my son had been shot dead, due to circumstances that were misinterpreted...doing stuff like that back in my day was normal, shooting BB guns, Daisy air rifles, there seemed to be an acknowledgment that kids would be in possession of these types of "toys", sometimes crossing the line

Now, with everything restricted, everyone uptight over the smallest thing, everything is a dangerous WEAPON now, and, it seems like no officer is going to risk his life to get it right...I'm all for officer safety, even BB guns and sling shots are a legitimate just seems like the force used to "control" a situation has changed over the years...and, its scary what the end result could end up being in a split second

Could have been kids just being dumba** kids, could have been a legit threat...unless I was absolutely positive of what was going on, I would most likely NOT call anyone about it...maybe someone with better info, someone who could be a better witness could get it right, versus my 'assumption'

Lots of scared people on the streets today, some of them wear badges, and, I think they have every right to feel that way...look at what our society has become...all you can hope for is that more good decisions are made than bad decisions
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