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Originally Posted by Orkan View Post
I've witnessed many shooters immediately improve when given better scopes to use.

This has happened too many times for it to not hold water. To say your bushnell can be counted on more than a new premier is a very telling tale. I sell bushnell as well, and your opinion does not track with what I've seen. Nor that of other dealers a hundred times larger than we are.

Yet I can see there is no point in this continuing. I'll save my effort for those with open minds.
Maybe you need to get out more. Maybe you or the people you're hearing from aren't good enough shooters to realize where the problem lies. The problem with a lot of guys that get high end optics is that they have more money than brains or skill. They get an optic that costs a bunch and its in their mind that it's unbreakable. So when a zero shifts, something doesn't track right, or something doesn't return to zero, they think, surely it can't be the scope. They attribute it to negligible environmental conditions, wind, light direction, etc. When in fact, they're high dollar POS scope was the culprit.

My Premier spent more time at the factory being repaired than it did on my rifle. I've had 3 Schmidts that all went t*ts up. I've personally seen more Schmidts, Premiers, IORs (especially) fail as often or moreso than even LEUPOLDS! That's saying something. Add on to that the fact that Premier is just about out of business...things went downhill quickly after Dick's're taking a risky bet buying Premier.

I've been running a Bushnell Tactical 3-21 for the last year in many major national precision rifle matches. It has held zero flying all across the country better than any European optic I've ever owned. The only scope I've owned that has performed as well has been my Nightforces (5 of them).

Like I said, get out more. You'll soon see that there are many issues coming to light with many European optics. Better yet, come on out to a match and see how your stuff stacks up. Guaranteed you'll get your a** handed to you by a guy shooting a Bushy or PST. Now more than ever in the optics world, you do not necessarily get what you pay for.
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