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Originally Posted by Horton Fenty View Post
Nice work. How about expanding the zeroing section to include alternate methods. Like zeroing for point blank range, or zeroing the top stadia line at 100 with a mildot reticle.
I disagree with the concept of "point blank range" and choose not to accept a known error in bullet placement.

I have the ability to dial my scope's knobs or hold off with my scope's reticle for a specific distance so I do that to place my bullets as precisely as possible.

Most people prefer a reticle-centric zero.
It makes for an easier aiming as your eye tries to center things without you even conciously thinking about it.
Also, when you shift your zero away from center, you get larger aiming errors from canting the scope than when you use a reticle-centric zero for the range you are shooting at.
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