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Originally Posted by CCWFacts View Post
AKs are all over the place in Somalia, but they are, strangely enough, very tightly regulated. NO ONE carries an AK there without tribal authority to do so, and there is no appeals process for that. AKs in Somalia are not individual gun rights, they are pure and rigid tribalism.
I was referring to the formal Somali government (which is in shambles). Of course, when the civil government is weak, new "local governments" (gangs, or in Somalia's case, tribal warlords), move in to fill the void.

Originally Posted by CCWFacts View Post
Actually it won't be game over for the US. It will become a different game, a game that is much less enjoyable than voting. People here will begin to realize that NO ONE gets a homeland except by fighting for it and fighting to defend it. People may start building the psychological and moral foundations for that fight. Zionists in Israel ....
It will be "game over for the USA." It may not be game over for the citizens/residents of what was the USA. What you describe is NOT the USA of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
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