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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
#2 Moving out-of-state will only buy you some time. .. NO ONE has EVER made a 3rd world nation liberty loving and pro-RKBA (unless you count s---holes like Somalia where Khat and AKs are everywhere "liberty loving"....)
AKs are all over the place in Somalia, but they are, strangely enough, very tightly regulated. NO ONE carries an AK there without tribal authority to do so, and there is no appeals process for that. AKs in Somalia are not individual gun rights, they are pure and rigid tribalism.

Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
If: (1) Trump does not win, and [stop the third world invasion] it is Game Over for us and the USA. Period. We'll go the way of Merkel's Germany on the road to Brazil/Venezuela...
Actually it won't be game over for the US. It will become a different game, a game that is much less enjoyable than voting. People here will begin to realize that NO ONE gets a homeland except by fighting for it and fighting to defend it. People may start building the psychological and moral foundations for that fight. Zionists in Israel did not suddenly organize and begin fighting in January 1948. No... they spent years building disciplined youth organizations, with networks of trust, ideology, and dogma. They also focused on physical training at a boy scouts++ level, wearing uniforms, camping, etc. All of those factors made them ready to transform into organized fighting groups years later, which could fight to create / defend a homeland for their values. For example, in pre-Israel Palestine, a Jewish group called Haganah organized in 1921, for self-defense and organization. 27 years later, it became the IDF.

This was a huge psychological transformation for Jews from Europe, who had never touched a gun, were afraid to fight into becoming a fighting force that doesn't apologize for its own existence, or its necessary actions to defend its people.

Haganah defenders in 1936

Haganah's great grand children

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