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Originally Posted by gunsandrockets View Post
"This case is stayed until November 17, 2016."

Whatever the merits of this case or the strategy being used to pursue it, I agree with those who say it is irrelevant.

We put much faith in the Federal Courts, a faith that seemed rewarded after the 2008 and 2010 decisions in the DC v Heller and McDonald v Chicago cases.

But almost everything we have seen since 2010, with some narrow exceptions mostly regarding Illinois, shows our faith is misplaced. There is no hope for relief via the Federal Courts.

If you live in the heart of Mordor, in a state like California or New York, your only hope is to get out. Flee to a Free State, escape to Free America while you still can.
#1 You can move to a county in CA that readily issues:

#2 Moving out-of-state will only buy you some time. The Dems push of "immigration reform" and the subsequent mass immigration, both legal and illegal, of people from countries w/o any sense of, or history of, individual rights & responsibilities (aka non-whites), is about to catch up to us since they vote >2:1 Dem/anti (the "free stuff" party), and thus CA is now hardcore Dem (voted for Reagan 2x in the '80s), and TX, GA, and, IIRC FL are all about to go Dem. When that happens, game over.... Repubs will go the way of the Whigs. The Libertarian P will be even MORE irrelevant. NO ONE has EVER made a 3rd world nation liberty loving and pro-RKBA (unless you count s---holes like Somalia where Khat and AKs are everywhere to be "liberty loving"....)

If: (1) Trump does not win, and (2) STOP the mass migration into the USA (both legal & illegal), and (3) DEPORT all the illegals (incl anchor babies and their families) (no, we will not charge them for all the "free stuff" they got while here (free med care, free maternity care, free ER visits, free K-12, instate college tuition, welfare $$$, free public housing/Sec 8, etc), and (4) build a real Wall for real border security ASAP it is Game Over for us and the USA. Period. We'll go via Merkel's Germany to Brazil/Venezuela...
Never mistake being delusional for being optimistic.

230+ examples of CCWs Saving Lives.

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