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Originally Posted by danez71 View Post
1st, CA9 will rule that OC specifically isn't a protected Right - No SCOTUS ruling said that it is. They didn't specify OC or CC.

This should lead to SCOTUS saying to let the States decide which, or both.

Then, push comes to shove in CA, and they'll acknowledge that carrying is a Right subject to 'reasonable' regulation; just like all rights are.

Then the CA Legs will have to decide which one or both.

Then it will be carrying with a 'Shall Issue' permit that still includes a good cause requirement or some other subjective criteria.

And then that battle starts all over again.

The problem here is in bold.

While it's technically true that Heller didn't Rule that one way or the other of "and bear" is the Protected Right, that's only because "and bear" wasn't at issue. They DID specify which is the Protected Right though: LOC. And every Circuit to Rule on the issue has correctly quoted Heller when they shot us down.

That doesn't mean the Grabberz won't do all that they can to prevent any manner of "and bear." But, as I pointed out above, I just don't see how.

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