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Originally Posted by Elgatodeacero View Post
Im sorry, but I do not see the difference in those two outcomes.

Your theory does not make sense to me. The goal is to get the 9th or any court to agree that carrying a loaded gun in some manner is a constitutional right.

If they are going to deny us the "bear arms" then I say make them do so now. I dont think they have the guts, so call the bluff and force them to take a position.

They totally do.

If the actions of courts seem to still be motivated by good faith in laws, and not a jihad against guns, then I don't know what to tell you, except I'm going to tell "told you so" when I'm proven right.

If you really think they'll give us bear in any useful, liberated form, then congrats on the Alaskan thunderfu(k, or similar strain you must be smoking.

This makes them work harder, and at least gives Nichols some control of the situation, as opposed to everything being the court's timeline and sweeping decision.

Think of it this way. Either you think Nichols is crazy/bad case, which means there's no need to rush a crazy before the courts to get unforced errors and make us lose. If he's crazy, then Peruta/Richards/baker/young is our best hope; and having Nichols stay out is the best possible outcome, so he doesn't screw up the competent lawyers who have much more experience.

If you think that Nichols is right when everyone else is wrong, and his pro-se case is way stronger and the ACTUAL right, then the fact that Nichols is right when literally everyone else is WRONG means that he should be granted deference on this matter because he has been consistently right in everything else despite all odds.

So... If he's an idiot, it's good he's asking his case to be held. If he's a genius, he should be given the benefit of the doubt.

I only understand you thinking he shouldn't stay his case for two reasons:

1. Nichols is a genius who's been right every step of the way despite all odds, but NOW he's broken his track record and is completely wrong


2. You're impatient.
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