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Originally Posted by myk View Post
Looks like we traveled the same path, pretty much. I passed on the S&W not because I didn't think it was good enough but I just wanted more for the money. I remember your thread on the 6720-how's that going for you? I also searched high and low and long but I got lucky on my 6920-a guy had jailed it, didn't pass the DROS and they literally pushed it over the counter to me, lol. I think everyone must've restocked though, 'cause they seem to be everywhere, now...
The CR6720 has been working out great. My only complaint has been how heavy it is compared to the LE6920 (or any other 16" collapsible) but that's to be expected with the 20" heavy stainless barrel. It's extremely accurate (when someone other than me is behind the trigger ) and I still need to get a proper scope for it and better sling (the red dot and MS3 were meant for my 6920).

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