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Originally Posted by non sequitur View Post
This info is a little dated (from 2002) but it's an interesting read about Contra Costa County Sheriff Warren Rupf and the whole CCW issue.

If this info is already posted somewhere in Calguns, I apologize in advance but it seems appropriate to post the info here again.

Good luck in Contra Costa County!
Interesting read... looking at this and other docs that include some of the GC statements that were used... Personal protection has been used in the past so wouldnt you be able to NOW go and use that as a good cause and be permitted?? Or... do the GC justification and level of pass or fail come and go with the current sitting sheriff?? So if the recent Sheriff said yes to personal protection dose the current sitting Sheriff have to follow past GC reasons??

Anyway.... still cant wait for this to get rolling. It will be fun to see a "dark red" county be brought to its knees.
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