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Serious question here... What makes off-roster guns so valuable to buyers?

In this case, I think the M&P is a great gun, I prefer it over a Glock to be honest. But I think they're comparable enough. So if I were in the market and had the choice between a G19 for $500 or an M&P 2.0 for even $700+, I would choose to Glock to get the most bang for my buck.

I agree there can be great value in getting a vastly superior gun, or one that fits you well, or has lots of sentimental values, etc... but all off-roster guns I see come on here are listed for big bucks and to me it doesn't make much sense.

Obviously I'm a bad person to ask on what I'd pay, since it isn't much. But I see off-roster stuff listed often for around 2x retail, but I don't see them sell quickly. I'd say if you posted retail+50% you may get some bites.
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