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Originally Posted by Deadon View Post
Old Bald Guy hear ya. This is just like the guys that were wearing their guns out to starbucks "just because they could" That got us a long way eh?
Extremely far from it. If you have noticed a theme in my posts it is that I have never been searched, detained, arrested etc. I have suffered harassment at the hands of arrogant LEO's. My point here is that this new policy is ridiculous and unfounded. There is absolutely no reason for it, and I believe it has the potential for problems.

I understand that LEO's have to deal with a lot of the scum of the earth, but that does not mean they have the right to treat everyone else like they are scum.

UOC was not my thing because where I live I don't think there was anywhere I could legally UOC anyway, but I stood strong opposing the new laws regarding UOC, calling, writing letters, emailing, donating etc. If we all do not stand united against the anti's then we will fail. We cannot call ourselves pro gun if we are not prepared to fight for every single right they are trying to make into a priveledge.
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