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V- Those are outstanding pictures! You were pretty lucky you had armor there, and that the rounds hit the plates. You can see the spalling pattern and where it exited the carriers.

Leo- Never said DKX sucks, just not particularly impressed. They just don't make sense for most circumstances. If you need more blunt trauma protection, and you are going rigid, it makes sense to go with rifle rated plates for the slight increase in weight. if you only need trauma protection and pistol rating, a layer of 3mm closed cell foam behind any standard plate backer is sufficient.

The STRIKE PC will not work with BALCS panels, it requires trapezoidal plate backers. BALCS more closely resembles concealable soft armor in its cut.

Again, my recommendation is for woven aramid only, but I am not going to be fanatical or dogmatic. If you have weighed the costs and benefits, and find Dyneema to meet your needs, then by all means run it. As you said, just make sure you don't leave it in the car, or expose it to heat. The other thing is the breathability, if you are sweating alot, laminates can lead to more heat casualties because of the non-permeability of the material. The only other safety concern is contact shots, and if those are not a high risk for you, then it should be fine.
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