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Originally Posted by riflehobbyist View Post
i like my condor mopc and ar500 plates. i just run the front and back plates, i don't run any side plates, i figure if something goes down i will either be facing the threat or running away!
Condor items are hit and miss with their quality control.
With have heavy plates in it, you may want to start wearing it while training to make sure your seams are going to hold up under heavy use. If you haven't already. Since the plate carrier is literally something you are betting your life on, might want to ensure it's going to hold up.

I have a Condor soft shell jacket that has withstood a beating but I also have a Condor pouch that started breaking the seams with heavy use. After some googling, it seems that that's a common problem with Condor (hit and miss quality control on their products).
After some research on companies like Rothco and Condor, I've tried to avoid the products just so I don't have to worry about it. Just to be on the safe side.
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