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Originally Posted by problemchild View Post
"armor is one of those things that should be in everyone's kit bag."

I have mixed feelings about armor. If Im getting shot at and get hit in the hand and there is no medical attention available I'll probably die of infection or bleeding. If I get hit in the leg same thing as before. If I get hit in the arm also same thing.

My feeling is best to not get into a fight or avoid one at ALL costs. But if you are getting shot at and you are lucky enough to have soft vests and hard plates and the magic bullets hits that plate then its your lucky day. If the shooter has AP 308 then its game over probably.

So my question is do I spend $2,000 dollars on something that protects half my body?

Great write up and thanks for the info.
This ^^^

As a civilian I think you become a target of $2k if morality is lost. Anyone who practices should be able to take your head off at 250 yards. Thank you, ba bye, come again.

Police and military don't leave home without it.
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