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Originally Posted by crufflers View Post
Specs, fit, finish, materials, QC level...
Yeah that what i was thinking, but i cant buy each one to test it out. Most retail store dont have them. We can get them online but i may have to go through different ones to fine a one that meet the crateria.

For someone new to scope, you dont want them to throw money at it unless they do have it.

I went to the gun store the other day, an old guy walk in and ask what is a good gun. Saler say HK. I was like, what. That is one ugly expensive gun. Even my wife said it and she not a gun expert, let alone held one. He could of say what ur budget and start with that. I would say check out the glock, sw, springfield or even start with a beretta or RIA. It doesnt cost $800 to start. LOL.

My original post was sightmark or ncstar. Not a baller to throw $500 or even $200 on a scope plus rings.

Shyt, i am all over the place. My bad. Thanks.
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