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Originally Posted by HK Dave View Post
Honestly not sure if youíre a troll.

I will respond as if you honestly donít know.

Saying itís ďmade in Asia so all optics are the sameĒ is insanely ignorant. I hope youíre not some racist pos.

Asia is after all made up of at least 100 ethnicities with different cultures and development in technology.

Optics sourced in Japan vs say the Philippines vs say China are vastly different in quality and scope build.

Japanese scope builders like LOW or Deon build some of the best scopes on earth. They can easily match anything that comes out of Germany or Austria.

In the end itís about the level of quality the purchasing party wants to spec out.

The quality of worker and engineer is different between nations and the reason Japanese sourced optics are more expensive is because the quality of build and quality of qc is vastly superior to other nations.

So no, the optics are not all the same. Theyíre not even remotely close to each other.

Just like a VW bug is not the same as a Ferrari Enzo. They are both European right?

Iím gonna say it straight, if itís made in China and doesnít have American QC, itís trash. The Philippines makes slightly better stuff, but again needs American QC. If itís made in Japan, they could probably teach us QC.
Dude, i am asian. Chill. Lol

I was referring to lens, not a scope assemble as whole. Asia meaning china, taiwan, phillipines, japan etc.

I bought a Hawke, thinking it was made in Euro. But optic was really china and some phillipines.

I was trying to pick up another scope but so many brand name or re-brand. It got the same design etc and i thought does it have some special optics. Basically no. It just how it put together. And you are correct American QC.

People say stick to the well known name. And why is it worth $1000. Is it just name popularity? Or optics?

$1000 vs $200 scope made with same optics. May be slightly better plus or minus. Not huge different. Sucker just expensive.

Buy another gun or an optic. Hahahahah.

Thanks for input.
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