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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
You don't have to de-register if you sell your RAW through a RAW FFL to someone out of state.

Registration theoretically gives you all options, so it's the most versatile.

People still talking about lists and whether they will take this and that off this and that list forget they are on a list being here posting, especially when they talk about their guns and post pictures of them.

So who cares about lists? Dumbest ideas possible spawned from empty gun show rhetoric back when people used paper to remember things. Go watch the movie "Snowden" and bring a box of tissues, because you are going to cry a river.
If it's no big deal then why does the registration process exist in the first place? If there is literally no difference between records of a DROS and the registration database, then there is no point in having anyone register. The registration window isn't for OUR benefit. If it is, what do we benefit from?
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