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One thing to point out since at least one user here is misleading regarding options. There are two main options: Registering or not registering. But there are several options within the category of not registering. Featureless, fixed magazine, disassembly, storage out of state, manual operation. It's been debated that you limit your options if you don't register. Well it's true that you limit your option to register if you don't. Now is that an option worth losing? That is a personal choice. And you still have five other options if you choose not to register so you can keep your rifle (s) in compliance with the law.

I am not aware of any options within the category of registering. If you register, are their other options with a registered AW other than de-registration that allows you to keep your rifle? Are you guaranteed to have your name removed from the database if you decide to de-register?

The other unfortunate condition that was mentioned on the Michel and Associate's webinar is joint registration. Apparently the joint participant is required to live in the same residence. That certainly defeats the point of passing them down to your children.
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