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Originally Posted by Discogodfather View Post
I'd challenge you to think beyond what we all heard at the gun show in the 70's and the 80's during the paper age when such ideas about registration actually meant something, i.e. keeping off the radar.

In the information age is seems crazy to suggest they do not possibly know almost everything about us, and that assuming that they do not is dangerous.

Also, why would you be worried about what the State knows then post on a public forum about what you think they do not know you have?

Times have changed, and we need to evolve with new technology. My solution is to assume they know, and analyze what they do not want us to do. Judging from their insane illegal regulations and failure to open the reg period until 7 months after the supposed start date and then making it as hard as possible to register, you tell me what they want us to do.
If they know I have it(and I'm sure they do) then I shouldn't need to register it. To voluntary register is agreeing to the rules they are setting and has nothing to do with evolving with new technology.
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