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Originally Posted by 1911man View Post
What is there to hunt around sparks / reno area? Can you hunt at night? Can you hunt with night vision? Can a person hunt with thermal? Let’s say I buy a life time hunting license in CA , as a resident, because I still live here. Then I move to NV what can happen when they mail my CA license to a NV address?
As others have mentioned, there's a congested area shooting restriction around much of Reno/Sparks. Within about an hour of the Reno/Sparks center, however, you can find BLM land with coyotes, ground squirrels, and jack rabbits. All 3 are unprotected and require no license. You can also find quail and occasionally dove when in season, but they require more work and licensing. Pretty sure there's duck & goose hunting to be had as well...

Most of the more interesting game seems to require you going a bit further east/north, or squishing up against california. There's a bunch of NF land right in the middle of the state I have to go check out...

Hunting at night tends to be species and county specific. For example, nighttime shooting and spotlight hunting is generally prohibited in Washoe County. I haven't heard of any restrictions for night vision gear...
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we can not nor should not dismiss or discount my theory that in the dark of night you molest sea anemones by candlelight.
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Show me on this 1st Amendment bobble-head doll where the mods touched you.
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It is clear from this thread that citadel grad was the gunman, and Oswald his patsy.

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