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The lifetime hunting license is good no matter where you live. They also have a few other lifetime options including big game which gets you a single deer tag and 5 pig tags. As a non resident the lifetime hunting/big game combo pays for itself in a couple years if you hunt or at least apply for deer. A friend has done what you are asking pretty much to a tee, moved from California to Sparks and bought the lifetime hunting license but did add the big game. He hunts deer and hogs every year near Hollister. One thing he regrets however is not buying the lifetime fishing, he says everyone in Reno goes west to fish. Certainly an exaggeration but I spend quite a bit of time in the Boca /Stampede area and Nevada plates abound.
I purchased my lifetime hunting/big game license last year in preparation for a move to Oregon. Plan to try to draw an "X" zone but my future residence is only 120 miles north of a " B" zone so I can put that as a second choice and still have an opportunity to hunt close to home. Pretty sure I figured I'd break even in 5 years or possibly it was fewer.
My in-laws lived in north Sparks almost to Spanish Springs and the coyotes were thick but the area did not appear to me to be huntable. Jack rabbit/ cotton tail population is doing well, at least in Fallon I know they are. Tons of BLM land in Nevada you should have no issues finding a place. Buy OnX Nevada I believe they are still having a sale. If you have not used it you will be amazed at all the info at your fingertips.
Good luck!
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