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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
While this is an amazingly silly question I'll answer it.

YES, you very much should support the CRPA, especially if you enjoyed Freedom Week.

Why do I say that, because I know very well what is going on with the CRPA given that I sit on the Board of Directors and am Chairman of the Communications and Technology Committee.

The CRPA is committed to fighting for our 2A rights, ALL aspects of our 2A rights and that means having a full time lobbyist in Sacramento, bringing forth thought our litigation to stop or overturn bad laws (not just rushing to be 'first' with questionable lawsuits to enhance fund raising or making big noise on social media), engaging in outreach to bring new people in to the shooting sports, working with pro 2A LE to give a louder voice in Sacramento and work on better CCW procedures and more.

Yes, the CRPA had some issues several years ago, and in those years all of the personnel involved have been removed, the structure of both the Board and the Org has been revamped and the CRPA today is nothing like the CRPA of several years ago.

Back then I was removed from the Board because I and a few other stood against the policies and personnel that were dragging the CRPA down.
When I was asked to return to the Board after the housecleaning it took a lot to convince me it was worth it, I'm still on the Board because I am convinced that the changes have made a better, stronger and more committed CRPA.

So now it's my turn to ask questions.

Are you a CRPA member? If not what are you doing to further 2A rights?

Like Calguns the CRPA is not a singular individual or Board it is the sum of it's members and while the Board can and does do a lot it can not do it all. The members need to be involved, engaged and take action themselves.

Unless you're just looking to pay $35 for a membership expecting to just sit back and hope your yearly dues pay for someone else to fix everything for you and then complain when that doesn't work.

There are plenty of '2A orgs' who will take your money and promise you exactly that, it doesn't matter if they can not and do not fulfill that promise because they already have your money.

ETA: OP looking at your signature you are an NRA Life Member.
You are aware that the CRPA is the Official NRA State Affiliate for California correct?
Nearly all of the NRA efforts in California are run through the CRPA and our CRPA lobbyist works hand in hand in Sacramento with the NRA State lobbyist every day.

Thank you Mr. K!!!
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