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Originally Posted by VTX View Post
No i dont "want to" I said and ill repeat " if i had to for new ban laws" Hmmm i guess 50 million hunters are dumb shooting their deer rifles with no PG? Its called a handguard, im sure your ar's have them. Maybe i can order a new weatherby 7mm mag deer rifle with a pistol grip,lol
Oh boy.

I have to wonder if you're aware of what an AR-15 actually is.

If you remove the pistol grip, and replace it with a cap that does nothing to hold the safety spring and detent, where is your trigger finger hand going to go? You do realize that a "weatherby 7mm mag deer rifle" doesn't rely on the forend to hold the rifle, right? Since you either didn't bother to click on the links I provided for you, let me copy/paste an image.

Does that look anything like the weatherby you mentioned with regards to somewhere to place your hand? I supposed you could hook your thumb over the buffer tube if you're some sort of giant-handed monster, but now your thumb would be in the way of the CH while having to reach past the forward assist to pull the trigger.

Here is a weatherby rifle.

Do you understand now?
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