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Originally Posted by ar15barrels View Post
First off, most scopes are not centered or don't meet their advertised specs.
Leave yourself about 20moa at the bottom of the elevation travel to account for this.

Also, the optics are best in the middle so placing your 100yd zero at the extreme end of elevation travel means you are using the worst part of the glass at 100yds and again at 1300yds.
If you are only shooting at 600-1000yds, that will get you better image quality as you will be much closer to the center of the scope at those distances.

If you used up ALL of your usable elevation, you would not have any windage travel and it's often necessary to use some windage to get zeroed.
This windage eats up elevation travel at both ends of the elevation range due to the scope being round.
If you had a square scope, then the windage and elevation travels would not limit each other.

In your case, only having 45moa from center and using 5moa to get zeroed leaves you 40/50.
Then you are taking 20moa with the mount so you are at 60/30.
You could put another 10moa in the rings and be OK at 70/20.

So, Randall, this thread is 1688 days old. You posted the above comment on the Ruger thread.

Any thoughts to expanding this process ^^ in the context of "how to use your scope" ?
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