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Developing something like this is extremely time consuming and labor intensive. Our "80%" AR lower for example, i started with an existing mil-spec AR lower model, went through and changed all the stuff I wanted to change, this was probably 30 hours+ of draw, redraw, reconsider, redraw and so on.

Then once I was happy with that, over to our programmers (2 guys), 150+ hours of programming, op 1 in a 3 axis vmc, op 2 in a 5 axis vmc, op 3 back in the 3 axis vmc. Once the program was written, we had to design, program and build all the fixtures and custom tooling, thats another 50+ hours, once all that was in the machine, debugging and optimizing the program and run sequence, probably another 50+ hours. We started something like 4-5 months ago, and the final products are popping of the machine now.

This is all starting from a set of solid models that we just tweaked to our standards, what you are potentially going to start from is a blank slate, so bank on 100+ hours of cad work before you even get to start programming. You will have a considerable amount of man hours into a project like this, and if you are paying someone else to do it at average shop rates, bank on it costing probably close to $35000 or more just to get first article out of the machine.

These projects are a substancial investment, they are not as easy as some entities make it look to get rolling.
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