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Default One foot in, One foot out

So my dad was an officer in the 60's and 70's. The first time my Father took me for a ride around the block in his patrol car, at 6 years old, I was hooked! My career track was such that it didn't make sense for me to become a full time cop. But I always wanted to be a Police Officer. Always.

Fast forward: At 35 years old, I had put myself through the Academy, applied simultaneously at two places and luckily on the same week received offers from both, selected one and have been there for 17 years. As a part time Police Officer (Reserve) I get to do a lot of things and I don't get burned out because I only have to work once a month, but currently I'm working once to twice a week (I can work as little or as much as I want).

When I work I have fun, more fun then I can explain in writing, that's the good. The bad is most Officers are full time and this job tends to make damaged goods out of about 80% of those that stay in 20+ years. It's that kind of job, you see so much, you sacrifice so much, you have some many opportunities good and bad, that it takes a special person to do the job and come out the other end whole. This job destroyed my Father, it was just too much for him, he was bigger, wiser and more mature than I and it bit him. Since I only work part-time, it seems I have none of the ill affects and all of the benefits, if you will. If you become a Reserve Officers and you get to keep your current job, check out the career and can always lateral to full time if you find it fits you and your life style.

Consider putting yourself through the Academy and becoming Reserve Officer, most jurisdiction have such a program, sans the CHP. It's rewarding, easy on the body and soul, and you'll have more fun then the full time officers by a country mile.

Hope this helps,


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