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Steelwater Firearms always has 1lb jugs of pistol powder, 9mm 147gr lead (.380, but .356 plated [but works in a 9mm]), .45ACP projectiles, usually has primers (sm rifle and sm pistol), and I have bought replacement rings for a kinetic puller there. The owner reloads.

I understand The Shootist has powder and primers, I don't know about bullets as they are a bit out of my way to check on my trek home from work... I think many of the older guys working there reload.

Faith Armory had 8lb jugs of rifle, and 4lb jugs of pistol powder, sm rifle, and sm pistol primers too. Projectiles were not carried in this store, the last few times I checked... I think most the males that work there reload, but one lady working there isn't behind the counter because of knowledge retention (or experience), and usually has to ask one of the males just about everything... (And they use apple products everywhere... Maybe that is why their site is so slow. meh )

All of the local shops have overactive spam filters, or at least have issues with replying to/checking e-mail 90% of the time...

What press do you have, as many here have a Dillon?
Those who know Linux and use it daily generally find iPhruity Apple products useless...

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