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Originally Posted by kimo308 View Post
I see that aside from the Arsenal converted Saigas aka SGL, you also have Legion. The description is basically that these are converted Saigas.

"This rifle was professionally converted by experts. This model is made with American-made parts, including the pistol grip, buttstock, trigger group and a 30-rd American magazine. IZSL-332A exhibits a more tactical design if compared with the standard Saiga rifles."

Who converts these rifles and how if any, are they different from Arsenals? Are parts used the same as Arsenals? Do you guys do the conversion in house?
They are converted by Legion USA, Inc., which is a different company than Arsenal (Fime Group). The conversions are very similar, the biggest difference being that Legion uses plugs to cover the original hammer/trigger pin holes where Fime Group welds over the holes. We carry several of their Saiga 12 shotguns as well.

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