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DHJ1974 -
I was there the same weekend, at range 1E. We started with just under 40, and several more left at the end of the 2-day session. Some of the instructors switched around, and the most helpful to me was a long-time law enforcement officer (retired) who shot a 1911. Since my gun is more similar to his than to the Glock/XD guys, he spent quite a bit of time with me to get the motions with the safety smoother. I also had some trouble manipulating the slidelock and mag ejector since my hands are smaller, but he taught me a trick or two that wouldn't slow me down. Very patient, very nice.

I didn't mind the fast pace, since I am not brand new to shooting. Although it did get exhausting if you weren't physically and mentally prepared for the long sessions. My motivation in taking the class was to speed up and feel more comfortable handling my pistol. My movements are crisper, although I didn't speed up that much, but I feel much more in control now. Yes, the classes are geared to make you want to return, and it does feel like a time share pitch - but I can ignore that.

Guess it really depends which instructors you get. And maybe not best for a first time shooter, but good for skills development.
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