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Hope it is ok to post here being a man and all. I think I have something to contribute...

If you have any vacation time saved up you could take one of the many 2-Day or 4-Day classes at Front Sight just outside of Las Vegas, and then spend a couple nights actually in Las Vegas at a nicer hotel and see a show or something. Follow up the gun play time with romantic time being my point. No reason it has to be all gun play, right? Everybody enjoys romantic time. The last time I took the class about 1/3 of the students were women. Another 1/3 were law enforcement types. The women were all first time shooters and they did better than some of the cops (and better than myself). It doesn't have to be tailored towards women for them to get into it. They just need the instructor not to have his head up his rear and talk down to them because they're women (not that I see that happening very often anymore). The instructors at Front Sight treat everyone with respect and adjust their instruction to the students skill and comfort level nicely. You can get cheap flights to Vegas, and you can pickup first time student certificates for about $150 or less here on or on eBay. So don't let their advertised price give you sticker shock. You can do it on the cheap.

And for the record...I'm pretty sure I don't like you. Beautiful wife who can share your interests...yep, I'm pretty sure I hate you. Does she have a single sister? Seriously though, very cool your wife is taking an interest in your hobbies and enjoying them. Hopefully you can find a way to reciprocate (and actually mean it).

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