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I know this is an old thread, but I've been wanting to do this for about 2yrs and have finally gotten around to doing it. I saw what sandeggo did with the CalGuns logo and loved it. It's really what made me get a CG lower

I used Testors enamel paint. Used a 20/0 brush from Hobby Town (finest they had). I did the star and words first by globing it on from a vid. The bear and grass I knew I had to be careful with so they didn't run into each other, so used just the tip of the brush to control the paint better. Came out pretty good. I used this vid:

I was originally going to use some silicone to create a barrier between the brown and green, but after a small test spot on the other side of the receiver (I should've done it at the grip mount which would've been covered up), I found it wouldn't work and left a small spot after drying for about 10 mins. However, non-acetone took it off enough and the very faint spot should disappear with use. I just was very careful where the feet and grass touched

The green, through wiping, ran a bit into the white lettering, so redid the lettering. I would suggest doing dark colors first and work your way to lighter colors if you're doing any multi coloring that are close to each other

I wish the paint was smoother, but not quite sure how to smooth it out without touching up, but you really don't notice it if you're more than 2ft away anyway

I plan on doing another CG lower with a diff color scheme. When JD is back in stock, I'll post up that one

If anyone in the IE wants some painting done, I'm more than happy to help
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